RESCUE research on social media and collaborative software use in emergencies (2014-2017)

RESCUE at major international media conference

by evagold

Project coordinator and researcher in RESCUE, Harald Hornmoen, and RESCUE researcher Elsebeth Frey, recently presented papers in the crisis communication sessions at the international media research conference IAMCR.

The conference was held in Leicester, England, during the last days of July 2016. Hornmoen presented a paper he has written together with RESCUE member Colin McInnes: “Dialogical disguise? Crisis authorities’ use of social media in the UK and Norway during the 2014-15 West African Ebola outbreak”. Frey presented her paper: “Do you tweet when your friends are getting shot?” Victims’ experiences with and perspectives on use of social media during a terror attack”.

Both presentations were well received and triggered interesting discussions, whether about ethical challenges when interviewing victims of a terrorist attack, or about health authorities’ monitoring of and engagement with user’s tweets and queries during the Ebola outbreak.

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