RESCUE research on social media use in emergencies


The RESCUE project comprises six work packages. The work packages relate to one another and to the management structure.

The work done in WP 1 secures the necessary protocols, routines and models to be adopted by the case studies in WP 2-4, which will be carried out simultaneously. The findings of WP 2-4 will then be used as a basis for the testing in WP 5, and WP 6 will secure that new tools will be developed on the basis of the findings of WP 2-5.




WP 1: Development of criteria and models for optimal crisis communication

WP 2: Case study: The terrorist attacks in Norway 2011

WP 3: Case Study: Local Environmental Disaster

WP 4: Case Study: Social media, “swine flu” and pandemic flu preparedness

WP 5: Case Study: Psychophysiological reactions to using social media in emergencies

WP 6: Development of tools for social media evaluation and emergency management