RESCUE research on social media and collaborative software use in emergencies (2014-2017)


RESCUE will develop new knowledge of social media emergency communication and on this basis develop recommendations and tools for using social media and methods for evaluating social media content during emergencies. Objectives are:

  1. To develop criteria and models for optimal and appropriate emergency communication tuned to the specificities of the emergency events Chosen.
  2. Through three case studies analyze how key crises communicators and members of the public have used social media in the crises.
  3.  To understand the impact social media use may have on key emergency communicators and the public’s awareness of the situation.
  4. To analyse the case study findings to identify strengths and weaknesses in usage patterns and assessment methods.
  5. To develop tools and methods to evaluate social media information in order to adapt emergency communication and management to situations in which the premises and flow of information is increasingly determined by social media.