RESCUE research on social media and collaborative software use in emergencies (2014-2017)

WP 6: Development of tools for social media evaluation and emergency management

This work package focuses on the evaluation of social media content in emergencies. Based on the results from WP 2-5 this subproject develops a modular web based toolset to determine whether user generated information posted on social media is important and trustworthy for media and rescue organisations. The first functionalities of the toolset will help to identify primary sources among social media content creators. Secondly, the toolset is intended to help organisations to verify social media content through employing different verification methods, e.g. metadata checks and network embeddedness calculations. Further stage developments of the toolset include a cross-organisational and crowdsourcing collaboration function for identifying important content. The WP also aims at testing and evaluating the toolsets in real life situations by end users (rescue organisations, media companies, press agencies, etc.), partners HIOA and FHJ, as well as testing them in a laboratory setting by partner 5 (ÅA).