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The European Symposium on Media Policy 2015

Symposium speakers: Dr. Curt Rice (upper left), Dr. Helle Sjøvaag, Dr. Ulla Carlsson, Dr. Robert McChesney, Dr. Mart Ots, Dr. Aske Kammer, and Dr. Oscar Westlund.

Symposium speakers: Dr. Curt Rice (upper left), Dr. Helle Sjøvaag, Dr. Ulla Carlsson, Dr. Robert McChesney, Dr. Mart Ots, Dr. Aske Kammer, and Dr. Oscar Westlund.

Oslo, Norway, 20 November 2015, 12.00–19.00.

Oslo and Akershus University of Applied Sciences (HiOA), Pilestredet 48, Gerd Wang Auditorium (S141).

Official Sponsor

Official Sponsor

The 1st European Symposium on Media Policy brings together scholars, media executives, policy makers and regulators for a day of discussion and exchange. The symposium will have both plenary sessions with invited guest speakers and break-away sessions with paper presentations. The plenary sessions will especially focus on the global crisis in the funding of journalism, and media policy in Nordic countries.

12.00 Registration and coffee
12.30 Dr. Curt Rice (Rector, HiOA): Welcome to Oslo
Dr. Robert McChesney (Professor, University of Illinois at Urbana–Champaign): Media Policy and the Financial Crisis in the Media Industry
13.30 Dr. Oscar Westlund (Research leader, Government Offices of Sweden): The Swedish Media Inquiry: Towards an Analysis and Toolbox for Future Media Politics
Dr. Aske Kammer (Ass. Professor, Southern Danish University): A Welfare Perspective on Media Subsidies
Dr. Helle Sjøvaag (Senior Researcher, University of Bergen): What to Study When Studying Media Diversity
Dr. Mart Ots (Director, Media Management and Transformation Centre, Jönköping Int. Business School): Is there such a thing as a Nordic Media Policy?
14.30 Dr. Ulla Carlsson (Professor, University of Gothenburg): Freedom of Expression in the Digital Transition
15.00 Coffee Break
15.30 Paper sessions

POLICY, Room S141 (Kristin Skare Orgeret, Chair):
Karin Fløistad (European University Institute, Florence): Regulatory tools in the broadcasting sector and the EEA Agreement.
Eva Marie Svensson (University of Gothenburg): Building Systems for Freedom of Expression in a Digital Era: Considering Sweden.
Elisabeth Eide & Kjersti Blehr Lånkan (HiOA): Autonomous journalists and anonymous politicians? Norwegian media coverage of the NSA surveillance and the “Snowden Affair”.
Ratnesh Dwivedi (Amity University): International Terrorism and Television: An Analytical Discourse Based on Media Regulation on Coverage of Terrorism in Pre and Post 9/11 Scenario.
Yang Yu (Hong Kong Baptist University): From taboo to tolerance: Censorship and evolving media policy about homosexuality in China.
– – –
PLATFORMS, Room P168 (Unn Conradi Andersen, Chair):
Maja Simunjak (European University Institute, Florence): Comparative analysis of the independence of PSB governance and funding across 19 EU countries.
Jaap Verheul (New York University Creative Industries): The Cultural Turn In European Film Policy.
Rune Ottosen & Jan Fredrik Hovden (HiOA, University of Bergen): Norwegian press at a crossroad: Free market or press subsidy?
Marijana Grbesa (Unversity of Zagreb): Regulation of Television Debates and Electoral Coverage in Europe: A Critical Perspective.
Jonas Andersson Schwarz (Södertörn University): Platform logic: The need for a cross-sectorial approach to the platform-based economy.
– – –
INNOVATION, Room P173 (Lisbeth Morlandstø, Chair):
Arne H. Krumsvik, Knut Kvale & Per Pedersen (HiOA, University of Oslo, Buskerud and Vestfold University College): Market Structure and Media Innovation Policies in Norway.
Lene Pettersen (Westerdals Oslo ACT): Pushing the Boundaries for Future Media Models – Slow Journalism and Newsification (amongst many others).
Lisbeth Morlandstø & Birgit Røe Mathisen (University of Nordland): Innovating commentary journalism online.
Jens Barland (Gjøvik Univeristy College): Clashes Among Content Marketing and Journalism.
Mona Solvoll (BI Norwegian Business School): Ads behind the paywall – for better or worse?
17.00 Reception at Fyrhuset (sponsored by Dagbladet)

No attendance fee. Travel and accommodation at own cost.

The best papers were invited to a Special Issue of the Journal of Media Business Studies (JOMBS).

Scientific Committee: Dr. Arne H. Krumsvik (Chair, Professor, HiOA), Dr. Anker Brink Lund (Professor, Copenhagen Business School), Dr. Kristin Skare Orgeret (Professor, HiOA), Dr. Mart Ots (Ass. Professor, Jönköping Int. Business School), and Dr. Eli Skogerbø (Professor, University of Oslo).

The symposium hosted by the Centre for Interdisciplinary Media Research, and takes place at Oslo and Akershus University of Applied Sciences (HiOA), Faculty of Social Sciences.