The Executive Committee and Consultants

The office consist of four elected students, the executive committee, and two consultants. You can come to us with any issue. If it is big or small, we are here for you! Our main office is on the first floor in Pilestredet 46, but you can also find us on Kjeller every Thursday between 9 am and 12 am.

Our mail address is studentparlamentet(at) Feel free to ask us about anything. To get updates on what’s happening on a everyday basis you can follow us on facebook, twitter and Instagram.

The Executive Committee


Rune Keisuke Kosaka


Phone: 48 27 83 34


  • Superior responsibility for the politics of the Student Parliament
  • Contact- and spokesperson for the Student Parliament.
  • Follow-up and contact with the administration of the institution.
  • Contact and cooperation with NSO (Norwegian Student Organization) and contact with HiOAs NSO representatives.
  • Contact and cooperation with other regional student organizations and local authorities.
  • Follow up and contact with the Parliament representatives, in cooperation with the organization consultant.
  • Follow-up on the institutions board and the student representatives in the Board.

Vice president

Pia Marie Næss Johansen



  • The President’s replacement and the President’s personal caretaker.
  • Responsibility of the student democracy at HiOA
  • Follow-up on the Student Faculty Committees.
  • Responsibility for the Student Parliaments profile via social media
  • Main responsibility for the students at campus Kjeller and Sandvika

Officer of Student Environment

Julie S. Iversen



  • Responsible of cases that involve the student’s physical and psychosocial study environment on the institution.
  • Responsible for the follow up of the students welfare on the institution.
  • Contact and follow-up with Velferdstinget i Oslo og Akershus (The student’s welfare organization in Oslo and Akershus).
  • Contact with the different local fraternities at HiOA and in SiO fraternities.
  • Contact for the fraternities and student unions.

Officer of Academic Affairs

Karoline Wergeland Kaldråstøyl



  • Responsible for the Student Parliaments work with academic affairs
  • Responsible for the institutions research based educations.
  • Follow-up the work with quality in education and the development of this
  • Strengthening the bachelors educations, better practice etc.
  • Responsible for the internationalization and international students on HiOA.


Organization consultant: Edvard



  • General contact.
  • Responsible for the Student Parliaments daily operations and administration.
  • Advisor for the executive committee, the Student Parliament and other student organizations at the institution.
  • Secretary for the Student Parliament and other student levels of the student democracy.
  • Information work, for example developing posters, brochures etc.
  • Responsible for the follow-up of the executive committee and the consultants.
  • Practical affairs considering the Parliaments seminars and conferences.

Economy consultant: Kristin



  • Has the main responsibility for the Students Parliaments economic affairs.
  • Economic reporting, budgets and appendix work.
  • A consultant function for the student representatives in economic related cases.