Oslo with children


  1.  Attractions for children museums, farmhouse, cultural activities
  2.  Sport activities in winter and summer
  3. https://www.leoslekeland.no/ (in norwegian)
  4. Childplanet, play hall for children
  5. Ekeberg Park, big play area for children
  6.  Barrat Due Music kindergarten
  7.  Dance class for children

International MOther and BAby Group Oslo (IMOBAGO)

This Facebook group has been created in order to help foreigner mothers or expectant mothers living in Norway (independently from their origin or age of their children) to get into a social network. Apart from lovely people, here you will find a lot of useful information related to kids (kindergarten, clothing, transport, etc). Join us; we are already over 500 members!

The group’s founder, Katalin Galambos, has launched a book that will help any newcomer or long-established expat mom in Norway: “OSLO FOR MOTHERS” at indie Gogo.

Oslo International Toddler Group

Hannah, organizer of this group writes: The Oslo International Toddler Group is a friendly group that meets each Wednesday during the school term.  The group is intended for international parents with babies and toddlers living in Oslo and surrounding areas.  There are tons of toys to play with and we also sing with the children.  We meet at Høvik kirke just off the E18 at Høvik.  For more info contact email international.tots@googlemail.com.

Mums or dads in Oslo?

(See the Facebook page Oslomamma/papa)


Are you a mum or dad in Oslo and looking for things to do during your maternity leave? Or you´re pregnant and wondering how Oslo works? Or you´re simply a parent looking for child-friendly activities and cafes in Oslo? On these pages you will find tips on activities, child-friendly cafes, strolls, what you need when you are traveling with a baby, workout with or without babies, how to choose a day care, and much more. Hope you like it!

Cafes and picnic places in Oslo

Day care /Nursery school information before you apply, after applying

How to dress your child for the day care etc

 Baby friendly walks with prams

Baby swimming, baby yoga & baby gym, baby cinema, playground, farms for children.

Open Day care Centers for children 0-3 years

If you have run out of ways to entertain your baby or you just need a break, or you want to meet other mums and dads, go to the Open Day Care Center in your neighbourhood/town! No signing up is needed, you can just show up. The parent has to be present, but you can place your baby on a mat with tons of toys around while you chill with a cup of coffee and a waffle. It´s also a great way to meet other parents in your neighbourhood.

Do-Re-Mini group

Music classes for babies, toddlers and preschoolers in English. Do-Re-Mini was established to provide families in Asker/Bærum with an English language early childhood music education.

Check them out at Læringsverkstedet Doremini


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