Winter sport activities/cabins

The Norwegian Trekking Association (DNT)

The Norwegian Trekking Association (DNT) is Norway’s biggest outdoor activities organization. DNT operate 500 cabins across the country, mark routes and ski tracks. Together they maintain a network of about 20,000 km of marked foot trails and about 7000 km of branch-marked ski tracks. DNT members are given discounts on lodgings at all cabins and on served meals at the staffed lodges. There are also many cabins close to Oslo. Events and trips at

Nordmarka forest

Nordmarka forest surrounds Oslo and are just 20 minutes from the city centre. You can easily reach these places with public transportation. The Nordmarka forest is frequently used by the city’s inhabitants, but also more and more visitors come here, both in the summer and winter. Many of the cabins in Nordmarka are open throughout the year. Some are unserviced cabins that one can use if one has the key (for members of DNT), while others are open during the day and serve lovely home-baked snacks for hungry hikers and skiers. Some cabins also offer accommodation with meals included. Nordmarka is also a great place for nordic walking, camping in the wild, kayaking, bicyling and hiking trips.

Visit Oslo(tourist information) about nordmarka forest.

Skiglede ski school

Skiglede offers lessons in cross-country skiing, telemark skiing, slalom, jibbing and snowboard. The lessons can be suited to any skill level, and are given to individuals or small groups by highly skilled instructors. Skiglede specialises in cross-country lessons for tourists.