Schools and kindergardens

A man holding a plastic car in one hand and a small boy in his other hand.
Hakan Bagci, a HiOA-student working in a kindergarten. Photo: Foto: Mari Valen Høihjelle/HiOA

If you are moving to Norway with your children, you must see to it that they are properly educated. Norway has a very strong tradition in promoting equal opportunities for all and the domestic education system is based on that principle.

Norwegian and international schools and kindergartens

Depending of your children’s age and linguistic background, as well as the amount of time you are planning to stay in Norway, there are quite a few alternatives to choose from. There are several Norwegian-speaking kindergartens and schools around the campuses of Oslo and Akershus University College. Should you need a kindergarten spot for your child, please let your contact person know so he/she can advise you how to apply. There are also international kindergartens and schools in Oslo founded on the English, French, and German language, as well as Catholic school and Montessori schools.

If you have a long-term plan of staying in Norway, having your children in a public school is often recommended. They learn Norwegian faster, integrate faster and get more Norwegian friends faster. Children are quick learners of language, and all the schools have special programs to help newcomers who arrives with a different language background.

The norwegian school system consists of four stages:

  1. Pre-school day care, kindergardens (0-5 years)
  2. Primary School (6-12 years)
  3. Lower secondary school (13-15 years)
  4. Upper secondary school (over 16 years)

Note that Primary school and Lower secondary school are obligatory for all children living in Norway. Tuition is free in all stages, except pre-school day care, although highly financially supported by the government. Private kindergartens and schools has a monthly fee. Check the school of interest for prices and admittance policy. Some of the private schools are very popular and may be difficult to get into.


Kindergartens feature outdoors activities in their daily program, even during the cold winter months. Parents from warm countries are often surprised by this, and wearing clothes according to the climate of the season is important. This way, children get used to extreme weather conditions from a very young age.

Packing for kindergarten (Relocation services)

As an employee you can apply for day care center.

There are two kindergartens on the Pilestredet Campus.

  • Bisletbekken studentbarnehage, Pilestredet 42
  • Lille Bislett studentbarnehage, Dalsbergstien 22F

Currently, 15 kindergarten places are reserved for employees. Employees follow the same application procedure as students, but you need to specify that you are an employee at HiOA.

For more information and application form to SiO kindergarten

The website is translated to English. You can contact the kindergarten consultants directly if you need assistance with you application.

There is one recommended kindergarten close to Campus Kjeller:

Espira Kunnskapsbyen barnehage

There are no places reserved, but employees can apply independently of this, following the standard procedure for application.


Oslo International School
English Medium Private School
Address: Gamle Ringeriksvei 53, 1357 Bekkestua
Oslo International School Website

Practical Information on Oslo International school
Oslo International School (OIS) offers a challenging international education, in English, to children of all nationalities within the greater Oslo area. OIS is a fully accredited independent international day school for students from 3 to 19 years of age (Pre-School to International Baccalaureate Diploma).

Oslo Montessori School (Norwegian Medium Private School)
Address: Huldreveien 28, 0781 Oslo

Oslo Montessori Schools website

Practical Information on Oslo Montessori School 

Oslo Montessori School provides education, In Norwegian, at primary and secondary level (6 to 15 years of age).
St. Sunniva School (Norwegian Medium Private School)
Address: Akersveien 4, 0177 Oslo
St. Sunniva School webpage
Practical Information on St.Sunniva School 

St. Sunniva School provides education, in Norwegian, at primary and secondary level (6 to 15 years of age).

Lycée Français René Cassin / (French Medium Private School)
Address: Skovveien 9, 0257 Oslo
Lycée Français René Cassin Website

Practical Information

The French school in Oslo provides education, in French, at kindergarten, primary, secondary and upper secondary level (3 to 18 years of age).

Deutsche Schule Oslo- Max Tau / German medium Private School)

Address: Sporveisgata 20, 0354 Oslo
Deutsche Schule Oslo – Max Tau Website 

Practical Information

The German School in Oslo provides education, in German, at kindergarten(15 months to 6 years of age), primary, secondary and upper secondary level (6 to 18 years of age).