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Dividing the pie in the eco-social state: Public support for environmental and welfare policies

by Mi Ah Schoyen

New article by Niklas Jakobsson, Raya Muttarak and Mi Ah Schoyen in Environment and Planning C: Politics and Space.

Dividing the pie in the eco-social state: Exploring the relationship between public support for environmental and welfare policies

The article sees environmental change as a new social risk and offer new knowledge about the potential relationship between public attitudes towards environmental and traditional welfare policies. Do individuals that care for one area also care for the other? That is, do the preferences in these two policy spheres complement or substitute one another?

The authors test these hypotheses both at the individual- and country-level, using data from 14 countries included in all three waves (1993, 2000, and 2010) of the environmental module in the International Social Survey Programme. Specifically, they investigate the relationship between attitudes towards income redistribution (indicator of support for welfare policy) and willingness to pay for environmental protection (indicator of support for environmental policy). Attitudes in the two areas are substitutes in the total sample, but the relationship is very small and only statistically significant in some specifications. With regard to country differentials, there is clear heterogeneity in the relationship, which can be explained by differences in political and historical contexts across countries.

The full text is available from the journal website. DOI: 10.1177/2399654417711448)

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