New Article: “The temporary agency directive: liberalising or like treatment?”

Ann Cecilie Bergene and Keith Ewing raise this question in their article in Søkelys på arbeidslivet. They discuss the historical and regulatory background and possible consequences for the implementation of EU Directive on Temporary agency work (2008/104/EC). The discussion is based on a two-pronged process involving: (1) a weakening of the social security net and (2) the increasing precarity of workers. Bergene and Ewing draw on experiences from the UK. While the Treaty of Versailles established the fundamental principle «labour is not a commodity», this has been modified to the extent of being abandoned by the implementation in 2013 of the directive legitimising the marketisation of employment relations, they argue.

Bergene and Ewings article have received attention from Torstein Nesheim and Birthe Eriksen. According to Nesheim and Eriksen the assertion that the directive have legitimized the marketization of employment relations does, when looking at legislation, not apply for the Norwegian context. In short, Bergene replies that emphasis on legislation is narrow and threatens to overshadow important changes in perceptions as well as in the economy.

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