Contested growth: The Development of Norway’s Temporary Staffing Industry

The aim of this article, written by David Jordhus-Lier, Neil M. Coe and Sindre Thon Bråten, is to understand the development of the temporary staffing industry in Norway since the deregulation in 2000 when the ban on hiring-out of labour and private mediation of labour was lifted. According to the authors, the activities of the staffing firms that constitute a national industry can only be understood in the context of wider contested processes of market-making involving multiple actors. The industry itself is one such actor, proactively lobbying for regulatory change through the national trade association. But in young and strictly regulated markets, the national state and the national employer and union federations remain the key players. It is also argued that the nature of national labour laws, and struggles thereon, are defining characteristics which set the Norwegian market apart from the neighbouring Swedish staffing market.

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