Conference 26th June 2017: Temp agencies and the politics of work

Over the past three years, the Work Research Institute at the Oslo and Akershus University College of Applied sciences has been responsible for the research project entitled The impact of temporary work agencies on the politics of work, financed by the Research Council of Norway’s welfare, work and migration program. The other participating institutions include the University of Oslo, Mid Sweden University, Norwegian Institute of Urban and Regional Research and the Baltic Institute of Social Sciences at the University of Riga.

The main goals for the project have been to analyze how the emergence of the temporary agency work industry has influenced and been influenced by economic globalization, international and national regulatory changes, new flows of migrations and industrial relations.

This conference wraps up three years of research and gives us an opportunity to address a number of questions relating to temporary agency work, including:

  1. How has the emergence of labour intermediaries such as temporary work agencies influenced the idea and norm of the standard employment relationship?
  2. What happens to workplace dynamics and workplace power relationships in workplaces with a high degree of labour hire?
  3. What is the role of temporary work agencies in terms of facilitating labour migration? And what are major differences in this kind of facilitation according to type of workers (high skill/low skill) and the geographies of labour flows?
  4. What characterizes worker strategies for working through a temporary work agency? Case studies from the health sector and warehouse/logistics sector.

The conference is free of charge and open to all – please register here


0845-0915 – Coffee and registration

0915-0930 – Welcome and introduction
Project manager and researcher at the Work Research Institute (HiOA), Anders Underthun

0930-1015 –Challenges to Employment Norms in Canada and Norway: The Regulation of Temporary Agency Work as a Barometer of Change
Professor Leah Vosko, York University, Toronto

1015-1045: The standard employment relationship in Norway 1945-2000: Responses and strategies by unions and employers
PhD Fellow Per Bonde Hansen, Work Research Institute (HiOA) 

1045-1100 – Break

1100-1120 – The position of temporary work agencies in the Norwegian economy
Professor David Jordhus-Lier, University of Oslo

 1120-1140 – Workplace dynamics in the warehouse industry – commitment and power positions among permanent employees and agency workers
Docent Gunilla Olofsdotter, Mid Sweden University, Sweden

1140-1200 – The facilitation of labour migration through temporary work agencies: The example of Latvia to Norway.
Researcher Oksana Zabko, Baltic Institute of Social Sciences, Latvia

1200-1230 LUNCH

1230-1250 Worker strategies among Swedish nurses that work in Norway through temporary work agencies.
Professor Hege M. Knutsen and Maiken Bjerga Kiil, University of Oslo

1250-1310 Workplace dynamics in the Norwegian construction industry: The impact of labour hire.
PhD-fellow Hedda Haakestad, SPS, Oslo and Akershus University College of Applied Sciences

1310-1330 Renewed union strategies as a response to the emergence of labour intermediaries – a comparison of public sector unions and civil aviation unions.
Guest researcher Dr. Darragh Golden, Work Research Institute,  HiOA

1330-1500  Debate (in Norwegian): Hva er bemanningsbransjens posisjon i norsk arbeidsliv i dagen, sett i lys av den økonomiske situasjonen og endringer i reguleringen av midlertidig arbeid? Hva er fordeler og ulemper for arbeidstakere som jobber gjennom bemanningsbyrå?

Panelet består av:

  • Christl Kvam (H, statssekretær, Arbeids- og sosialdepartementet)
  • Anne Cecilie Kaltenborn (direktør i NHO Service)
  • Øystein Sundelin (Høyre)
  • Lars Jacobsen (adm.dir i Randstad Care)
  • Ådne Naper (SV)
  • Lars Johnsen (Transportarbeiderforbundet)

Debatten vil bli ledet av tidligere prosjektleder for forskningsprosjektet, Ann Cecilie Bergene.

The conference is free of charge and open to all – please register here


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