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RSS is dead, long live RSS

A while ago, Apple killed the RSS capabilities of Safari. I had not used it much. But I have found an RSS reader that works. Because it is not made as a RSS reader. It may be a hint of the Virtual Learning Environment we will buy “next time”. Paper.li is supposedly an easy way… Les mer »

unMOOCed – one experience more than I needed

Once upon a time, I was project manager for the implementation of a commercial VLE into a large university college. Once upon a time, I was project manager for the implementation of Moodle (a FOSS VLE) into a small NGO/union. Recently, I have attempted to be a student at a MOOC. It is run on… Les mer »

Openness in Education, Copyright and narratives

I come from a Scandinavian culture. When our folk tales are called “fairy tales”, I hope there is no confusion with the Disney version of what a fairy tale is. Good vs Evil, the great duality was imported a millennia ago as part of Christianity. But in the tales, heroes are not Good and villains… Les mer »

MOOC, openness and copyright as political movements

As part of the MOOC Openness in Education, I read The Surprising History of Copyright and The Promise of a Post-Copyright World. And I wish for a counterpoint. Prohibiting people from freely sharing information serves no one’s interests but the publishers’. Although the industry would like us to believe that prohibiting sharing is somehow related… Les mer »

MOOC in practice

I have enrolled in my first massive open online course (MOOC); Openness in education. My primary interest is the method of the course. How may a MOOC course be designed, how may a student experience this type of education. Openness in education is a rather secondary concern for me. My university college has little interest… Les mer »